Print your Avery® sticker paper online from Excel®
and use them right away, no matter the format!

Justicker is a web app designed to help you
print sticker pages online easily. You can even use an API!

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How Can Justicker Help You?

We take care of sticker paper printing format so you can save time building your app

We offer you every sticker page format from Avery®

You choose your sticker page format and we take of the rest. You don't to do tedious tests to see if it fits or not, it just works.

Avery® is not affiliated with Justicker

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Send us your data in the Excel® format

It doesn't matter if your data comes from an Excel®, a CSV or another web site.

We also offer an API if you need more control.

Excel® is a product of Microsoft® and is not affiliated with Justicker

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Access your labels from anywhere

All stickers pages are archived and you can access them from anywhere. You can modify them to use on different sticker page format.

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Screenshot: Coral - App & website startup kit

Share your stickers to your co-workers

They don't need to understand how it all works. They just receive your stickers in their inbox and print them!

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Your co-worker happy to receive your sticker pages around the world

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